Teachers walk out of Arizona, Colorado schools for second day


Hundreds of public schools in Arizona and Colorado closed again Friday as teachers continued their walkout for the second day.

Thousands of educators in the two states are demonstrating in order to demand increases in pay and school funding, the latest to do so in a growing wave of teachers’ strikes nationwide.

An estimated 840,000 students were affected by closures on the first day of the strike,

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) is offering a 20 percent pay increase by 2020, but teachers say it is not enough, and are calling for an additional $1 billion for school funding and pay raises for support staff.

Ducey said that he does not plan to address the other demands or meet with organizers, according to the Associated Press. He said that teachers continuing to strike after the promise of 20 percent pay increase and $100 million in funding will not “make sense” to parents and children.


Colorado lawmakers have also offered a budget increase for teachers.

The Arizona and Colorado strikes come just weeks after massive walkouts in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky. The West Virginia strike was the longest in state history, lasting nine days before lawmakers approved a pay raise.


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