Posted: Jan. 24, 2018 6:44 PM
Updated: Jan. 24, 2018 10:39 PM

Three Huntsville schools are listed as “failing” in the 2018 Alabama Accountability Act list.

The Alabama Accountability Act deems schools in the lowest six percent as “failing” based on reading and math scores. The only three Tennessee Valley schools to make the 2018 list are located in Huntsville.

Jemison High School

Lee High School

Ronald McNair Junior High School (7-8)

Students enrolled in “failing” schools may transfer to other public schools within or outside the same school system. They can also transfer to private schools willing to accept the student and receive tax credit scholarships.

Columbia High School in Huntsville, Crossville High School and North Jackson High School in Stevenson were on the 2017 list last year, but were taken off the “failing” list in 2018.

Lee High School remains on the list for its second straight year.

Huntsville City Schools released a statement following the list’s unveiling, calling into question the process in determining which schools are deemed “failing.”

“A single standardized test cannot represent the programs and variety of opportunities that a school or district provides for its students,” the district said, “The Alabama Accountability Act does not give parents a true representation of how their school is performing, nor does it account for the many opportunities that HCS provides its students.”

The list was first released in 2013 after becoming law that same year.

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