Money coming from Washington D.C. to help Alabama schools

82 billion in relief funds for education

By Randi Hildreth|

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – More money is coming from Washington D.C. to help schools as they face challenges during the pandemic. Congress approved $82 billion in relief funds for education which is significantly more than what was allocated in the previous COVID package.

More than half of $82 billion will help K-12 public schools, which is four times more than what Congress approved in the last aid bill. State lawmakers say that breaks down to over $890 million to use for public schools and higher learning in Alabama.

Leaders will us the Title 1 formula to distribute money, which means that high-poverty school districts would get more money. Schools are expected to use this to do things like buying technology to support remote instruction, implement programs that help with learning loss, like summer school or offer mental health services.

“I am glad that congress did pass something to help support students. I was worried as we were getting closer to the last days before the holidays we may not be able to find that kind of support and I’m excited that we did have congress move forward,” said Tonya Perry, Professor at UAB in the School of Education.

Education advocates did stress this still isn’t enough to help level the playing field for students. National Union leaders appealed to Congress saying they should consider this a “down payment” on emergency relief and not complete aid.