130 New York City school buildings are closed due to Covid-19 cases

From CNN’s Elizabeth Stuart

In New York City, 130 school buildings are currently closed due to cases of Covid-19. 

One hundred of those buildings are under a two-week closure, and an additional 30 buildings are under a 24-hour closure, according to New York City’s Department of Education (DOE).

There are currently 169 active Covid-19 cases, according to the DOE’s tracking website. Thirty-two cases are students and 137 are among staff members. That brings the total to 7,176 cases among NYC students and staff since the DOE started keeping track in mid-September.

This latest update comes on the heels of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issuing guidance for counties that are testing at more than a 9% positivity rate to keep schools open if individual district’s numbers are lower than those of the county. New York City is currently at a 9% positivity rate, according to Monday’s data.

Schools in NYC have been open for some in-person learning for elementary school students since December. In-person learning is expected to be offered for middle school and high schoolers in early 2021, but no date is currently set.