Oakland teachers rally ahead of council meeting in hopes of better contract

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OAKLAND (KRON) — Oakland teachers are hoping some political pressure will help get them a better contract offer.

One day after 95 percent of Oakland teachers voted to authorize a strike, teachers and their supporters rallied outside Oakland City Hall Tuesday afternoon before speaking out at tonight’s council meeting.

Council President Rebecca Kaplan has put forth a resolution in support of the teachers and their call for more pay, more student support, reduced class size and maintaining neighborhood schools.

Teachers say they need the council’s help.

“Our students have been ignored for a long time as have our teachers and we really need to speak up and speak to the city and be aware of what is going on,” said Oakland teacher Quinn Ranahan.

Another Oakland teacher says the city isn’t looking out for students.

“They kind of know and haven’t done anything about it and this is the city and they should care about the youth,” said Oakland teacher Linh Klinhtrinh. “School board members aren’t looking out at what’s best for our students so the city council should help us out.”

The school district supports giving teachers raises but the question remains how much it can afford. an independant fact finder will issue their report on Feb. 15 and then it will be up to the teachers to decide if and when they will stage a walkout.

One day after 95 percent of Oakland teachers voted to authorize a strike, they are keeping up the pressure to get a fair contract.


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