Harsh critic turned public education advocate to speak at CenturyLink Center

BOSSIER PARISH, LA) – What do blueberries have to do with public education? Everything, as respected businessman and attorney Jamie Vollmer learned after being taken to task by a teacher after he vocally condemned public schools.

Once a harsh critic, Vollmer is now an award-winning champion of public education and author of the highly acclaimed book, Schools Cannot Do It Alone, and creator of the video series “The Great Conversation.” He will be speaking at 8:00 a.m. Monday, January 7 at the CenturyLink Center in Bossier City and the public is invited to attend.

Every person, no matter if they have a child in school or not, is a stakeholder when it comes to public education. Why, you ask? Because we all pay taxes. Property values are impacted by the caliber of the local public education system and an educated workforce is critical to businesses locating to our area and job creation. That means support from the public is needed to create a community-wide climate that values public education, the teaching profession and student achievement.

It is no secret public education is under attack. The increased expectations and federal and state mandates heaped onto today’s public school teachers are mind boggling, especially when compared to just a decade or two ago. It is no wonder fewer are going into the teaching profession and others are making early exits.

Using his own transformation as a backdrop, Jamie Vollmer will speak directly to civic and elected leaders, business owners and community stakeholders about the challenges facing our children and schools and make a powerful case to increase community support.

Bossier Schools welcomes everyone to attend Vollmer’s 45-minute community presentation, as well as the entire duration of his talk when he speaks to every employee of Bossier Schools during an in-service.

Admission is free.

Be a part of this critical conversation that will help determine the course public education takes in Bossier Parish and beyond, and to hear Jamie Vollmer’s “blueberry story” that turned this harsh critic into a fierce advocate.


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