Fighting For The Future of Public Education in Alabama!


Greetings Family,

Words Can’t Express How Thankful I am To Have This Opporutnity To Serve As A Highly Motivated 2nd Grade Teacher During This Most Critical Time In The History of This Nation!

As you know, Public Education In America is Under Attack! Without Access to High-Quality Public Education Many Youth Will Continue To Struggle And Flounder Throughout Life Without Ever Obtaining The “American Dream!”

With the Covid 19 Pandemic Gripping The Nation, It Has Become Vitally Imporant That We Elect a Leader Who Has The Best Interest of “All” Students, “All” Schools, and “All” Educators Throughout The Entire State of Alabama!

As President of the Alabama Education Association, I Am Fully Committed to Listening To, Working With, learning from, and Collaborating With All Educators, Students, Parents, Elected Officials and Community Stakeholders!

I Believe in The Hope and Promise of Public Education for All Students! AEA Family, I Humbly Ask For Your Prayers, For Your Vote, and For Your Kind Support!

Together We Will Transform the Future Of Public Education in Alabama!

May GOD Continue To Bless, Keep, and Prosper Each of You Is My Prayer!


Michael Wesley Jr.


“Transformational Leadership!”

I. Every Student!

  • Every Child Should Have Access To A High quality Public Education!

II. Every School!

  • Every School Should be Equipped With The Absolute Best Learning Resources in Order to meet the diverse learning needs of all students!
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III. Every Member!

  • Every Member Should Be Treated With Dignity and Respect!
  • Every Member Should Have Full Confidence That AEA Will Continue To Stand With, Stand For, & Stand Beside “All” Educators Throughout the Entire State Of Alabama.

Together We Are AEA!

Wesley For AEA PResident

*** Advocating Excellence For All Students ***

*** Uniting Our Members and The Nation ***

*** Elevating Our Profession ***

For Our Students!
For Our Members!
For America!