Desire for COVID-19 vaccine rises among Alabama teachers

by: Allison O’Connor

Jan 26, 2021

(WDHN) — Some Alabama teachers calling for change in hopes of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine sooner.

Currently, only those who are 75 years old and up as well as essential workers are eligible to receive the shot.

But some teachers say they need the vaccine as they continue teaching in-person and participating in various school-related programs.

“They’ve been asked to go above and beyond and when I say teachers, I mean all educators,” said Alabama Education Association UniServ Director Rhonda Hicks. “They’ve been teaching virtually as well as face-to-face, many of them at the same time. They’ve doubled and tripled their workloads.”

According to Hicks, no local system is going to require the vaccine. Instead, teachers themselves will decide whether to receive the shot.