Teachers, administrators hand-deliver diplomas to 2020 Mason graduates on decorated school buses

Cameron Hardin 

May 22, 2020

There are 881 students graduating from Mason High School on Sunday. But on Friday, a ceremony that no one ever expected will be held to congratulate them. Thirty buses will go door to door and hand deliver diplomas in a socially distanced version of a ceremony.

“This is our home graduation. Pretty exciting, but not what I expected though. But what can you do,” said Suchir Gangireddygarr.Advertisement

What can we do? That’s the question future Purdue University student Gangireddygarr along with the entire country has been asking lately. Mason Schools was able to come up with a solution.

“It’s definitely different, but I think it’s very cool. I didn’t expect a whole bus. It was cool. It had a big hat and everyone was so excited and sweet about it,” said Emma Bishop.

Bishop, a future Buckeye and her entire family turned the morning into a celebration. There was a volunteer photographer on every bus and plenty of pictures were taken.

“I think it’s very special. I probably wouldn’t even trade it because I’m with the people that matter most. And it’s still really special and I’ve had a great time today,” Bishop said.

Sailor Gibson will be attending the University of Cincinnati this upcoming fall. She said she loved how the day turned out.

Staff, volunteers from Mason City School District hand-deliver ...

“It’s definitely weird. Obviously it’s one of those things you weren’t expecting it at all. I’m super grateful. I feel like Mason has done a great job at making us feel celebrated. I don’t know any other school that has done the bus thing,” Gibson said.

And at the end of the day, the importance of family was at the center of all the graduates.

“It’s been very special. I just love my family and I’ve been very grateful for that.”

Not exactly what the class of 2020 had in mind for graduation, but a full circle moment for Mason’s senior class Friday who once used these buses for pick-up and drop-off for Kindergarten. These same buses are now delivering their diplomas.


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