Five employer giants in Alabama offering education aid

The new Amazon fulfillment center slated for Bessemer will do more than just provide Alabamians with high-quality jobs, it will also open up access to higher education. According to news, each worker who puts in one year of employment will then have access to $3,000 per year for four years to use for higher education.

Amazon won’t be the only company in Alabama offering education assistance to workers. Here are several other large employers throughout the state currently helping workers further their educations.


Any worker who has worked for Walmart longer than 90 days has access to a nearly tuition-free college experience with The University of Florida, Brandman University, and Bellevue University. The classes would be online and only cost workers $75 per semester. The only catch is workers must be seeking a degree in business or supply-chain management.


Full-time and part-time employees at Chipotle are eligible for $5,250 in tuition assistance as well as steep tuition discounts. Chipotle employees can attend the same universities as Walmart employees, but they can also attend University of Denver and Wilmington University. Some eligible majors of study for Chipotle employees are Nursing, Communication, Graphic Design, Information Technology, Healthcare Management, and Business. With all benefits included, Chipotle advertises total out-of-pocket expenses for employees to be $250 per year.


After three consecutive months of working 20 or more hours per week, Starbucks workers without a college degree are eligible for full tuition coverage to Arizona State University. Workers enrolled at other schools may transfer to Arizona State at any time. Through Arizona State’s online program, Starbucks workers have the flexibility to pursue more than 60 undergraduate degrees.

Old Navy

Employees who work for Old Navy or sister-companies, GAP and Banana Republic, are eligible for a $5,000 tuition reimbursement per year. There are no restrictions in terms of major of study, but there is a cultural preference towards community college instead of four-year college.

Dollar General

After 30 days of employment, Dollar General workers are eligible to seek a plethora of undergraduate and graduate degrees from Bellevue University. Part-time employees are approved to receive $5,250 in tuition aid, and full-time employees are approved to receive $8,000 in tuition aid. Immediate family members of Dollar General workers receive considerable tuition benefits as well–up to $2,625 per year.


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