NC teacher posts paycheck on Facebook to draw attention to teacher pay

A teacher in Stokes County, North Carolina posted a picture of his paycheck on Facebook to bring awareness to creating fair teacher pay in the state.

The post, which talks about how his take home pay last month was $1,715.81, has been shared over 1,200 times.

Nick Cols said in his post he loves teaching, the school he works at and the kids he teaches but feels the pay is not enough.

After breaking it down, he determined his hourly pay comes out to be $6.69 an hour, about $1 less than the minimum wage of $7.70 in North Carolina.

“I’m not a math wizard, as I am an English teacher, but when you divide that, I want you to know that I am roughly being paid $53 a day to educate your child,” Cols wrote in the post.

He is married and a father of one.

“Recently, my entire air condition system went out and needs replacing,” Cols states. “My daughter broke her arm. We call this life. And it happens to everyone. The difference is that I am working a job that most see as a valuable resource of utmost importance, and I cannot pay for anything.”

He goes on to say he cannot even afford to attend the rally in Raleigh on May 16 where teachers plan to protest for better pay because it would reduce his paycheck $75 by taking that day as a personal day.

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