Who Is Mr. Wesley?

Fighting For The Future of Public Education!”

Mr. Wesley is a Highly Motivated, Success Driven, Student-Centered Educator.  He Possesses a Strong Commitment to Developing Proficiency in All Students And His Colleagues!
Moreover, He is Dedicated to the Cultivation of a Safe Collaborative Learning Environment for All Students.
Michael is a Transformational Leader and Solid Team Player With a Proven Track Record of Collaborating With the Community, His Colleagues, Parents, Administrators, As Well as City, State, and National Elected Officials to Enhance the Learning Experiences of All Children Throughout the State Alabama.
He Has a Passion for Increasing Student Academic Achievement and Maintaining a Culture of High Expectations.
Mr. Wesley Demonstrates Excellence in Developing Confidence, Proficiency, and Character in all Students.
Michael Wesley Jr. is a Courteous, Kind, Trustworthy & Loyal Professional!
He is a Loving Father, Humble Servant, Lifelong Learner and Committed Advocate for Public Education.
“If You Want the Best, Vote for Wes!”
Michael Wesley Jr. that Is… For AEA President 2021
Join the Movement #iBelieve