Wesley For NEA Executive Committee

Greetings NEA Family,

My name is Michael Wesley Jr, I Am A Highly-Motivated 2nd Grade Teacher, Educational Specialist, and Lifelong Learner From The Great State of Alabama, A Proud Member of The Alabama Education Association, and A Candidate For The NEA Executive Committee! 

I Am Running Because I BELIEVE! Yes, I BELIEVE In The Hope, Promise, and Future of Public Education for Every Blessed Child In America!

The Fight For Access To High Quality Public Education Is One Of The Most Imporant Fights Of Our Lifetime! Our Country Is So Divided! We Need A Leader In Washington, D.C. Who Will Strive To Do What Is In The Best Interest Of All Students and That of Public Education!

Our Aspiring Educators, Classroom Teachers, Administrators, and ESP’s Are Burning Out! All Across The Nation Our Higher Ed, Our CNP’s, and Our Retirees Continue To Be Left Out! Worst of All, Our Students & Collegues Are Being Forced Into Schools That Continue Lack The Basic Resources, PPE, & Learning Materials Needed To Ensure That All Students Are Truly Safe & Can Thrive Academically.

As A Member Of The NEA Executive Committee, I Promise To Serve Each Of You and The NEA Faithfully, With Integrity, With Compassion, and With All That I Have Daily! The Mission, Vision, and Core Values Will Forever Guide Our Work and Define Our Mission!

I Am Fully Committed To Growing and Strengthening Our Union By 1.) Organizing Our Members To Secure A Nationwide Pay Increase For All Education Employees – Especially Our ESP’s, 2.) Fighting To Cancel All Student Debt – Especially That of Our Educators, and 3.) Recruiting, Retaining, and Reclaiming Our Members!

Together, We Will Transform The Future of Public Education For Every Student, Every School, and Every Member! I BELIEVE That the Best Is Yet To Come!

May GOD Continue To Bless, Keep, and Prosper Each Of You Is My Prayer! 


Michael Wesley Jr.