Wesley For AEA President

Greetings AEA Family,

My name is Michael Wesley Jr, I am a Highly-Motivated, Success-Driven 2nd Grade Teacher at Trace Crossings Elementary, a proud member of the Hoover Education Association, and a Candidate for AEA President.  Words can’t express how excited and thankful I am to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to seek your kind support and endorsement of my campaign to serve alongside each of you as the next president of the Alabama Education Association. 

First, I want to thank each of you for your outstanding leadership, hard work, dedication, and commitment towards excellence in public education in Alabama. As you know, many of our students, colleagues, and school districts throughout the entire state of Alabama are depending upon us (AEA) to fight for, fight with, and to stand alongside each of them in the midst of this most difficult and trying time in our nation!

It is because of my genuine love for the Great State of Alabama, for our beloved AEA, for each of our students, and for all of our members throughout the entire State of Alabama that I prayerfully offer myself to serve in this capacity. I am fully committed to working with, learning from, and collaborating with each of you as we collectively strive to solve the myriad of challenges plaguing public education in our great state. 

Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed serving alongside each of you on the local, state, and national levels respectively “Fighting for The Future of Public Education in Alabama.” As a member of the AEA Board of Directors, NEA Resolutions Committee, and as a Candidate for the NEA Executive Committee, I have remained steadfast in advocating for excellence in public education on behalf of all students and for all members here in the Great State of Alabama. 

Working & collaborating together as we have always done in the past, I am confident that we will continue to transform the future of public education in Alabama for Every Student, Every School, and for Every Member! The future looks bright for AEA thanks to your tireless leadership, dedication, and commitment. 

As President of the Alabama Education Association, I promise to listen to & work tirelessly alongside Every Division, Every District, and Every Director in order to make our beloved organization the Best Ever! 

Family, I kindly ask for your prayers, for your vote, for your endorsement, and for your continued support as We “Stand Strong Together for the Future of Public Education in the Great State of Alabama!” #TogetherWeAreAEA! 

May GOD continue to bless, keep, and prosper each of you is my prayer! 


Michael Wesley Jr.